AC Charging stations

Our products in alternating current: S, M, L & X.

Our products in AC

Chargevite's offering of Mode 3 chargers (AC charging) represents one of the greatest technological advances to date, both in terms of range and performance.

A great catalog

Its portfolio, which ranges from single shot to multiple control of six simultaneous shots, is powerful, efficient and compact.

Only advantages

Mode 3 charging is the perfect balance between a contained investment and a moderate refuelling time, since there is no need to hire a high power, and the equipment has an affordable cost.

Connectivity and demand balance

Furthermore, thanks to Chargevite technology, multiple chargers can be controlled from a single point. Its advanced control knows how to establish priorities between the different recharges to balance the demand and avoid untimely cut-offs, optimising the charging process.

Updated information

Of course, the system recognizes if the applicant is registered, allows their access and counts the electricity consumption, in kWh, offering all the information to both the user and the manager of the charging point.

Semi-fast loading

0 %
of a 40-kWh battery in 3.5 hours with a single-phase 7.2 kW power*

(* Average data, which can vary significantly depending on the state of the battery, the power supply and the ambient temperature, starting from a minimum load of 20%.)


This solution is indicated for public or private spaces where the parking period is greater than one hour

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