DC Charging stations

Our products in direct charging: Compact & Performance.

Chargevite Compact

Chargevite Compact

The Chargevite Compact model is a great little charger, which brings together all the advantages of the two divisions: it generates a fast charge in direct current (mode 4), while still being compact and affordable. Thanks to its careful design, the Chargevite Compact can manage up to 18 kW, charging up to 80% of a 40-kWh battery in less than an hour and a half *

Chargevite Performance

Chargevite Performance

Our most powerful model yet, the Chargevite Performance charger, minimizes refueling time. A single device that can supply 72 kW, reducing the recharge of 80% of a 40 kWh battery * to just 20 minutes.

(* Average data, which can vary significantly depending on the state of the battery, the power supply and the ambient temperature, starting from a minimum load of 20%)

Our DC chargers

In addition to the large range of Mode 3 (alternating current) chargers, Chargevite proposes two versions of DC chargers as well.

Always equipped

The Chargevite DC units are always equipped with Combo 2 or CHAdeMO cable.

Immediate availability

This proposal is ideal for those uses where the vehicle charging time penalises the driver.

Fast charge

This type of direct current equipment allows a direct charge to the battery without needing to rectify the current in the vehicle, significantly increasing the charging speed.

Connectivity and demand balance

Chargevite DC solution shares with AC appliances an optimal control of the charging process, simplifying the work of the user and the controller and offering an exhaustive information to both of them.


This proposal is ideal for those uses in which the stopping time of a vehicle penalizes the driver

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