Chargevite S

The Chargevite S model is our most compact model, as well as our most affordable. It is the best option for single-family homes, apartment blocks and hotels, but also for businesses and supermarkets.

Our most affordable AC charger

Economic load

Galvanized steel

Compact product

Up to 7.2 kW

User management software

Alternate current

As compact as it can get

Without sacrificing any charging characteristics
Semi-fast loading

Charging in alternating current, up to 7.2 kW (Mode 3).

Compact design

Space saving, easy design to install on wall or column.

Failsafe communication

You can directly access your charging station without the need for internet.

Privacy matters

The data will not be in the cloud, only in your hands.

A great little charger

With everything you need for optimal load control, locally or remotely (subject to availability of WiFi coverage)

Semi-fast loading

Since it charges in Mode 3, the Chargevite S manages to fill 80% of a 40 kWh battery in just 3.5 hours. This makes it the best option for single-family homes and apartment blocks, where it is possible to have the vehicle charging overnight.

(* Average data, which can vary significantly depending on the state of the battery, the power supply and the ambient temperature, starting from a minimum load of 20%.)

Mode 3

We work with market standards

Type 2 socket

A most comprehensive range

Our range of products covers all the possibilities of sustainable mobility based on the electric vehicle.

From the compact Chargevite AC charging models to the powerful DC chargers, in two possible versions, always with the powerful software adapted to the needs of the vehicle user or the charge manager.