Chargevite X

Chargevite’s advanced multiple systems allow comprehensive control of several simultaneous loads from a single control center, with communication that adapts to the possibilities of the installation. A remote control center can manage the enabling of each socket. The Chargevite software is in charge of assigning it to the identified user, and leaving everything managed for later billing.

A single electrical panel, up to six connectors

Latest-generation design

Up to six charging sockets

Galvanized steel and polycarbonate construction

Up to 7.2 kW per outlet

Management software for the manager and for the user

Charging in alternating current

The best materials

for an ultra-strong and durable charger: steel and polycarbonate (PC)
IP56 water and dust resistance

Tested in our laboratory and in real facilities, the Chargevite X is designed for sites with a multiple demand for chargers, which wish to contain both the investment cost and the contracted electrical power: owners' associations, shopping center car parks or parking garages. business.

Electrical protection

All Chargevite charging stations have magnetothermic and differential protection as standard.

Maximum compatibility

There is no conflict between the different users, the internal logic of the control center automatically adapts to the demand, from one to six simultaneous loads. No untimely shots.

Adapted to current ... and future needs

If there is a forecast of growth in the parking lot, it is not necessary to install all the chargers now. Choose a closet with more capacity, but only the shots that you need at the moment - later expansion will have a minimal cost.

Minimum volume

Bringing all control together in a separate cabinet, the chargers are lightweight, compact, and can be installed virtually anywhere

Semi-fast loading

When charging in Mode 3, the Chargevite X manages to fill 80% of a 40 kWh battery in just 3.5 hours. This makes it the best option for single-family homes and small businesses, where it is possible to have the vehicle charging overnight.

(* Average data, which can vary significantly depending on the state of the battery, the power supply and the ambient temperature, starting from a minimum load of 20%.)

Mode 3

We work with market standards

Type 2 socket

A most comprehensive offer

Our range of products covers all the possibilities of sustainable mobility based on the electric vehicle.

From the compact Chargevite AC charging models to the powerful DC chargers, in two possible versions, always with the powerful software adapted to the needs of the vehicle user or the charging manager.

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