I want to charge my car at home

Chargevite charging points are the professionals’ preferred choice for the domestic sector as well, both at single-family houses and blocks of flats. There are many reasons.

For the single-family home

Chargevite offers the most complete solution for the self-management of the electric car charger. Both, the internal elements of the charger and our powerful software make Chargevite power stations a great choice for charging your electric car in your single family home.

Taking the home charging experience to the next level

The best internal elements and conectivity to make the recharging process easier

The most complete solution

Chargevite offers the most complete solution for charger and remote management, being able to choose the schedule that best suits the user's needs.

Data visualization

Chargevite software is optimized, both for a quick glance from your mobile and for a more detailed analysis from your tablet o PC.

Up to date

Updates of the charger firmware are done remotely, in order to have the last version in your device.

For the block of apartments

With a wide range of options such as the Chargevite X, which allows the recharging of up to 6 points with a single electrical panel, we make the installation of charging points much cheaper, in addition to make easier the management of the different points, both for the administrator and for the end user.

Making the recharging management easier

The internal firmware, an integrated IoT and the connectivity with external elements, to the service of the client.

Individualized consumption

The consumption per charger is automatically individualized, making the cost distribution management easier.

Simultaneous and independents loads

Chargevite offers the independent and simultaneous recharging of up to 6 chargers, managed from a single distribution panel; the installation in old parkings is simpler, shortening the time and making the needs of each user independent.

Optimized firmware

Chargevite's internal firmware constantly optimizes the balance between the power available and the different demands, in order to reduce the charging time and reduce power conflicts.

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