I want to charge my client´s vehicles

Chargevite offers a very complete range, so that one can choose the option that best suits the client´s needs.


For hotel guests, an overnight slow load would be enough. The optimal solution may consist of several parking places with AC chargers, managed from a single distribution panel, being able to include the consumption in the bill.

Electric charging stations and restaurants

On the other hand, customers of an electric charging station or a roadside restaurant may prefer a full load in a short time. For that, we have developed our Chargevite DC solutions, in their Compact or Performance versions. These are ideal because of their charge speed and affordable investment.

Public parkings, malls, supermarkets, municipal facilities...

A public parking lot, a shopping centre, a supermarket or the street of an urban centre, can choose among AC solutions, to partial or totally charge a vehicle’s battery, depending on the length of the stay, or to ensure of a complete refuelling with a Chargevite DC station.

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