Your charger, your data. As simple as that. We do not store data about your recharge on our server. Never.

Safe communications

The connection between the charging station and the server is direct and encrypted. The server only performs routing functions, thus avoiding possible voids in the system.

Database in IoT

The recharge data (charging periods, start of recharging, maximums, switching off and on of the station …) are obtained, stored and processed for viewing directly from the charger. Because the charger belongs to you, and so does its data.

Your charger, your rules

We develop both hardware and software. This allows us to design charging stations with an integrated IoT. The charger generates a WiFi network in the event of router failure or server outages. In addition, this connection is direct point-to-point.

Safety and privacy, wherever you look

Both security and privacy are deeply ingrained at Chargevite. All the processes that we develop, as well as the products and services that we offer bear our hallmark. Because your data belongs to you. And nobody else.