Our products

From the small and convinient Chargevite S, to the power and speed of the Chargevite Performance, and everything in between.

AC chargers

The range, which spans from a single plug to a unique control of six simultaneous recharges, is powerful, efficient and compact.

DC chargers

Sometimes the determining factor in choosing one solution or another is the recharge time.

If the vehicle requires a minimum wait, the answer is the Chargevite DC charger, in two possible versions to suit your specific need.

A really powerful software for recharge management

Whether you are the manager of a recharging point, or if you want to consult data about recharging on any device, we have the ideal software for you. Our recharge management system is adaptable to any device and to your needs.

Privacy and security

All of our chargers are built with a focus on user privacy. We do not store your data in the cloud, nor do we sell it. Because it’s your charger. And its data is also yours.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our products, or any other aspect, please contact us through email, social media or call us. We'll be happy to help you.