Charging points in your company

Chargevite offers electric vehicle charging point infrastructure, management and monetisation solutions.

For any type of company.

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Installation in any type of company


Effortlessly, adapt your company

Install charging points in your company's car parks.

Many countries have already established the obligation of installing EV chargers in car parks.

All these actions taken by the several Governments and the European Union have a clear objective:

Reaching zero emissions by 2035.

Charging points for different solutions


All type of businesses

All companies that have car parks for their employees or visitors must include a minimum number of parking spaces for electric vehicles. Make your business sustainable.


Monetisation possibilities

Both Chargevite chargers and the Chargevite CONNECT software allow charging point managers to monetise charging sites.


Update your
vehicle fleet

Allow your fleet of vehicles to charge in your company thanks to personalised control of number plates or drivers. It's time to switch to electric vehicles.

The best models for installation in companies


Comfort and protection.

COMFORT+ includes the required protection as standard so you don't have to install any additional electrical panels.



One charger. Two sockets.

Install the full power of Chargevite's most compact two-socket charger in your company and customise the enclosure.


GENESIS Pedestal

The most robust charger.

The GENESIS Stand model is designed to be installed outdoors. Ready to withstand all weather conditions.

Online charging point management and monetisation platform

Manage. Monetise. Charge.

Chargevite CONNECT

Comprehensive management platform.

Chargevite offers its specialised software for controlling and managing fully scalable charging point infrastructures.

Create and manage charging points, personalise usernames and sites, and monetise your charging network by managing tariffs, RFID cards, and the availability and consumption of all your chargers.


Innovation in charging points

Easy access.
Multiple payment methods.


Charge up without stopping.

Scan&Charge technology works using an eQR code and a web platform that makes paying easier than at other charging points.


No need to download any apps


No personal data collected


Anti-fraud eQR code with e-ink display


Easy payment gateway

Pay however you want.

Chargevite aims to ensure that everyone has access to the charging infrastructure. It accepts the most commonly used payment methods to ensure accessibility without compromising on security.

We support: 


Simple. Industrial. Innovative


Charging points in hotels and accommodation

Allow guests to charge their electric vehicle battery and monetise the chargers installed at your hotel or holiday home.

Any type of office

Give your employees the chance to use your charging network. Offer space for visitors to your office and manage charging and the monetisation of points at your site.


Petrol stations and restaurants

Chargevite chargers are perfect for stops at petrol stations or restaurants. as the rest time to be used to charge electric vehicle batteries.


For delivery fleets

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs by installing a network of electric vehicle chargers. Adapt your delivery vehicles or taxis.


Upgrade your garages

If you have a garage for your employees or customers, you have to install charging points by law, but this can also be an incentive for people to drive their electric vehicles to your premises as it makes their journey more reliable.

Installation in hospitals

Hospitals are another type of location where cars are frequently parked. Giving visitors the chance to charge their vehicle could be a differential value for this type of site.

We make installation easy

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Get in touch with the Chargevite team so that we can find out more about your case. 

We work alongside our customers to analyse the specific circumstances of each installation.

At Chargevite, we work to make your experience as easy and simple as possible so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Case analysis

We review the information provided

The Chargevite team uses the details you provide to make an initial proposal of the solution that best suits your requirements, within the limits of current regulations.

This solution will take into account the location, the available power, and how charging will be managed.

We propose an installer

Trusted professionals, close to you

We contact the partner who is closest to you and can offer the best service so, if necessary, they can visit the site and decide on the optimal course of action.

Of course, if you already know a reliable professional, we will be happy to welcome them into Chargevite's partner network.


We get everything ready for use

We make sure the charging point is ready for you to use.

After a simple installation process, the Chargevite charging point is ready for use. Start enjoying your charger as soon as possible.

3-year warranty

At Chargevite, we make sure that you can fully enjoy our charging points with a 3-year warranty.

We ensure the best after-sales service so that you don't have to worry about your chargers working at top performance.


At home, in the street, in your company

Chargevite works with charging point models that can be fully adapted to any situation.

Whether indoors or outdoors, we offer infrastructure solutions for any situation.


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